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"The West Criticizes the Judiciary and at the Same Time Asks the Political Authorities to Intervene in the Affairs of the Court." -, December 30, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"They Cut the Thread Along Which Constructive Relations Should Be Possible After the War." 24media, December 29, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Economy of 2023 or What Georgians Need to Be Prepared For." - Kviris Palitra, December 26, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"There Are Simply No Serious Arguments why Brussels Did Not Grant Georgia the Status of an EU Candidate." – The Political Component of the Medical Conclusion." - Interpressnews, December 22, 2022. (In Georgian.)
""Who said that Saakashvili Is in Prison? It's just that He Can't Go Out" – The Political Component of the Medical Conclusion." - 24media, December 2, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"What Causes Inflation and why Economic Growth Is Not Felt in the Population." - bpn, November 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Moscow's Logic is Simple - If You Impose Economic Sanctions on Me, I will Impose Economic Sanctions on You, and One of Those Levers in Its Hands is Grain." -, November 1, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Russian is Coming, the Russian is Going?!" - Kviris Palitra, October 17, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Georgian Population Can’t Feel the Positive Results of the Economic Growth because of Inflation" Georgia Today, September 29, 2022. (In English.)
"What will Mass Immigration Do to the Economy?" - Kviris Palitra, October 9, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"War and Economics" - Kviris Palitra, August 29, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Bakı-Tbilisi-Qars kimi beynəlxalq layihələr regionda sabitliyə mühüm töhfə verir" - VERGİLƏR, August 29, 2022. (In Azerbaijani.)
"Lado Papava at CREDIT SUISSE: I Think it's Late to Make these Changes, But as They Say, "Better Late than Never"" -, August 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Saakashvili should First Serve his Sentence and then Act in the Political Arena of the Country of which he Is a Citizen" -, August 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Imagine if Hitler, Goebels and Himmler Had Not Committed Suicide and the Nuremberg Trials Had Not Taken Place - Who would be Konrad Adenauer's Opposition?" -, July 25, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Whether or Not Additional Energy Carriers will Pass through Georgia" - Kviris Palitra, July 18, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"If the GEL Was Not Stable, the Prices would Increase a Lot" - Kviris Palitra, June 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The European Perspective Is in Itself a Very Big and Serious Achievement" - Imedi News, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Georgia should not Go Beyond the Framework of the Constitution" - Imedi News, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"War and Economic Growth" - Ekonomika da Sazogadoeba, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Turbulent World - "Food War" and Wheat as Weapons..." - Gza, June 15, 2022. (In Georgian.)
""Holes" in Western Sanctions and the Origins of Inflation in Georgia" - Dalma Ntws, June 10, 2022. (In Russian.)
"Georgia and the New Global Order: At the Crossroads of Time and Space" - Indigo, May 31, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Russia Opposes the World with a Food War Too" - Kviris Palitra, May 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Pandemic, War and Economic Sanctions: From Turbulent to Confrontational Globalization" - Alioni 21, May 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Has Georgia's Geostrategic Importance Increased?!" - Kviris Palitra, May 9, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"In 2012, the GDP Per Capita was Less than $ 4,410, and in 2022 it will be More than $ 5.6 Thousand - Everything is Relative" - Kvira, April 20, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"According to the International Monetary Fund, Georgia is Making Significant Progress" - Kvira, April 20, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"On the Main Challenges of the Architecture Transformation of the World Economy" - Alioni21, April 3, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Government Can Neither Introduce Nor Increase Taxes Other than Excise Tax Without a Referendum" -, April 1, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Will Sanctions End Russian Aggression?!." - Kviris Palitra, March 28, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Position of the West is Absolutely Correct, According to Which Russia Refused to Demand Payment of Oil and Gas Tariffs in Rubles." - Interpressnews, March 25, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Is the Increase in Sugar and Salt Demand in Georgia the Beginning of a "Food War"?." - Kviris Palitra, March 14, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Vladimer Papava: The War in Ukraine will Change the Architecture of the World Economy." -, March 16, 2022. (In Russian.)
"It is Now Clear that the World Can No Longer Remain as It was Before the War in Ukraine." - Interpressnews, March 12, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"What Impact will the Sanctions Imposed on Russia Have on the Georgian Economy?" - Qronika+, March 10, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Why did Zelensky Summon the Ambassador from Georgia for Consultations, But did not Do this in the Case of Belarus?." - Caliber.Az, March 9, 2022. (In Russian.)
"Withdrawal of Money from Banks by Russian Citizens Entering Georgia has Already been Reflected in the GEL Exchange Rate and the National Bank Must Make a Timely Decision." - Interpressnews, March 7, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Export from Georgia to Russia will be Practically Impossible." - Alioni21, March 6, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Export from Georgia to Russia will be Practically Impossible." - JNews, March 4, 2022. (In Russian.)
"There is a War in the Face, and what the West is Confronting Russia with is Mainly the Tools of the Cold War." - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"When Western Leaders Discuss Different Schemes, it Wastes Time and Gives Putin a Sense of Impunity - the SWIFT Issue is a Good Example that the West Is Not United" - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Prime Minister is Characterized by a Rigid, Clear Articulation, the Public should Understand that the Government has a Certain Obligation to Think about Tomorrow" - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Recognition of the Priority of the Georgian Scientist" - Alioni21, February 22, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"If the GEL had not Revaluated, Inflation would have been Higher" - Kviris Palitra, February 14, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Reasons that Strengthen the Lari and What Impact it will Have on Inflation" - bpn, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Political Pressure and Artificial Reduction of Inflation" - bpn, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Inflation and Political pressure" - Imedi News, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"It Is Impossible to Say How Long the National Bank of Georgia will be Able to Maintain the Stable GEL" - Interpressnews, February 2, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"We Have an Economic Crisis, but Economists do not Have a Mechanism to Overcome from It..." - Alioni 21, January 30, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"On the High Inflation in Georgia" - Kviris Palitra, January 11, 2022. (In Georgian.)