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"War and Economics" - Kviris Palitra, August 29, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Bakı-Tbilisi-Qars kimi beynəlxalq layihələr regionda sabitliyə mühüm töhfə verir" - VERGİLƏR, August 29, 2022. (In Azerbaijani.)
"Lado Papava at CREDIT SUISSE: I Think it's Late to Make these Changes, But as They Say, "Better Late than Never"" -, August 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Saakashvili should First Serve his Sentence and then Act in the Political Arena of the Country of which he Is a Citizen" -, August 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Imagine if Hitler, Goebels and Himmler Had Not Committed Suicide and the Nuremberg Trials Had Not Taken Place - Who would be Konrad Adenauer's Opposition?" -, July 25, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Whether or Not Additional Energy Carriers will Pass through Georgia" - Kviris Palitra, July 18, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"If the GEL Was Not Stable, the Prices would Increase a Lot" - Kviris Palitra, June 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The European Perspective Is in Itself a Very Big and Serious Achievement" - Imedi News, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Georgia should not Go Beyond the Framework of the Constitution" - Imedi News, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"War and Economic Growth" - Ekonomika da Sazogadoeba, June 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Turbulent World - "Food War" and Wheat as Weapons..." - Gza, June 15, 2022. (In Georgian.)
""Holes" in Western Sanctions and the Origins of Inflation in Georgia" - Dalma Ntws, June 10, 2022. (In Russian.)
"Georgia and the New Global Order: At the Crossroads of Time and Space" - Indigo, May 31, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Russia Opposes the World with a Food War Too" - Kviris Palitra, May 23, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Pandemic, War and Economic Sanctions: From Turbulent to Confrontational Globalization" - Alioni 21, May 24, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Has Georgia's Geostrategic Importance Increased?!" - Kviris Palitra, May 9, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"In 2012, the GDP Per Capita was Less than $ 4,410, and in 2022 it will be More than $ 5.6 Thousand - Everything is Relative" - Kvira, April 20, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"According to the International Monetary Fund, Georgia is Making Significant Progress" - Kvira, April 20, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"On the Main Challenges of the Architecture Transformation of the World Economy" - Alioni21, April 3, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Government Can Neither Introduce Nor Increase Taxes Other than Excise Tax Without a Referendum" -, April 1, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Will Sanctions End Russian Aggression?!." - Kviris Palitra, March 28, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Position of the West is Absolutely Correct, According to Which Russia Refused to Demand Payment of Oil and Gas Tariffs in Rubles." - Interpressnews, March 25, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Is the Increase in Sugar and Salt Demand in Georgia the Beginning of a "Food War"?." - Kviris Palitra, March 14, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Vladimer Papava: The War in Ukraine will Change the Architecture of the World Economy." -, March 16, 2022. (In Russian.)
"It is Now Clear that the World Can No Longer Remain as It was Before the War in Ukraine." - Interpressnews, March 12, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"What Impact will the Sanctions Imposed on Russia Have on the Georgian Economy?" - Qronika+, March 10, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Why did Zelensky Summon the Ambassador from Georgia for Consultations, But did not Do this in the Case of Belarus?." - Caliber.Az, March 9, 2022. (In Russian.)
"Withdrawal of Money from Banks by Russian Citizens Entering Georgia has Already been Reflected in the GEL Exchange Rate and the National Bank Must Make a Timely Decision." - Interpressnews, March 7, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Export from Georgia to Russia will be Practically Impossible." - Alioni21, March 6, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Export from Georgia to Russia will be Practically Impossible." - JNews, March 4, 2022. (In Russian.)
"There is a War in the Face, and what the West is Confronting Russia with is Mainly the Tools of the Cold War." - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"When Western Leaders Discuss Different Schemes, it Wastes Time and Gives Putin a Sense of Impunity - the SWIFT Issue is a Good Example that the West Is Not United" - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Prime Minister is Characterized by a Rigid, Clear Articulation, the Public should Understand that the Government has a Certain Obligation to Think about Tomorrow" - Imedi News, February 27, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Recognition of the Priority of the Georgian Scientist" - Alioni21, February 22, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"If the GEL had not Revaluated, Inflation would have been Higher" - Kviris Palitra, February 14, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"The Reasons that Strengthen the Lari and What Impact it will Have on Inflation" - bpn, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Political Pressure and Artificial Reduction of Inflation" - bpn, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"Inflation and Political pressure" - Imedi News, February 8, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"It Is Impossible to Say How Long the National Bank of Georgia will be Able to Maintain the Stable GEL" - Interpressnews, February 2, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"We Have an Economic Crisis, but Economists do not Have a Mechanism to Overcome from It..." - Alioni 21, January 30, 2022. (In Georgian.)
"On the High Inflation in Georgia" - Kviris Palitra, January 11, 2022. (In Georgian.)