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"There are no Culture of the Election Programs in Georgia" - "Biznessi da kanonmdebloba," No. 23-24, December, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Economic Policy Fronts, and Omitted Chances" - "Sitkva," No. 1, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Papava does not Like the Budget" - Interview to the "Mteli Kvira," December 31, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Papava: Economic Vector Georgia is Directed to the Social Needs" - "Kavkazskii Uzel," December 30, 2007. (In Russian).
"Expert Vladimer Papava: 'The Genie is out of the Bottle Already',"  - "Georgian Business Week," December 24, Issue 50 (158), 2007.
"Patarkatsishvili will Come to Tbilisi," - Interview to the "Alia," December 20-21, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Creation of the Free Economic Zone is to Commit a Crime," - Interview to the "Kviris Qronika," December 17-23, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Georgia does not have the Policy on Wages and Pensions," - "Biznessi da kanonmdebloba," No. 19-20, November, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Election Pledges are Fruitless Task" - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," December 7, 2007. (In Georgian).
"New Government, New Social Benefits" - "Georgian Business Week," December 3, Issue 47 (155), 2007.
"What was a Mistake of Premier Lado Gurgenidze?" - Interview "Kviris Qronika," December 3-9, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Currency Board against the Background of Dutch Disease and Reasons of the GEL Revaluation and Inflationary Nihilism" - "Biznessi da kanonmdebloba," No. 18, October 2007. (In Georgian).
"What are Reasons of the GEL Revaluation and Inflation" - Interview to the "Auditi, Aghritskhva, Pinansebi," No. 10 (94), 2007. (In Georgian).
"There is a Lack of the Professionals in the Governmental Team" - Interview to "The Capital," No. 10, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Lado Papava has Supported the Opposition" - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," November 6, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Interview with Vladimer Papava, MP" - Interview to the "Biznessi da Menejmenti," No. 3, 2007. (In Georgian).
"The National Bank is under the Destruction, under the Destruction is Georgian State... Inflation is Very High" - Interview to the "Kvela Siakhle," October 26 - November 1, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Currency Board is not Acceptable for Georgian Reality" - Interview to the "Ekonomikuri Palitra," October 22-28, 2007. (In Georgian).
"The Disaster is not Latency" - Interview to the "Ekonomikuri Palitra," October 22-28, 2007. (In Georgian).
Georgian Economy Under the Threat - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," October 20, 2007. (In Georgian).
Lado Papava, Member of the Majority, is Criticize the Authorities! - Interview to the "Verssia," October 19-23, 2007. (In Georgian).
Vladimer Papava, Expert: "Inflationary Pressure from Budgetary Spending will be Felt Mainly in the Second Half of the Year" - "Georgian Business Week," October 15, Issue 40, (148), 2007.
"Papava: Problems of the Vintage in Georgia are Determined by Russian Embargo on Georgian Wine" - "Kavkazskii Uzel," October 14, 2007. (In Russian).
"In Fighting with 'Dutch Disease' Georgia has to Take into Account Azerbaijan Experience," - "Novosti-Azerbaijan," October 9, 2007. (In Russian).
Vladimer Papava: "The Budget Deficit will be 774 Million Lari"- Interview to "The Capital," No.9, 2007. (In Georgian).
Vladimer Papava Questions Georgia’s "un-European" Economic Policy - "Georgian Business Week," September 17, Issue 36 (144), 2007.
On the Essence of Economic Reforms in Georgia, or How European is the European Choice of Post-Revolution Georgia?  – TEPAV (Turkey).
Alexishvili is no Danger for the Presidency of the NBG - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," September 10, 2007. (In Georgian).
Prof. Vladimer Papava join the International Scientific Council of the International Institute for Social Development (Moscow, Russia). (In Russian).
"Bendukidze has More Influence, than Noghaideli" - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," August 6, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Georgia has been Taken Ill with Mutant of Dutch Disease" - Interview to the "Verssia (Dossier)," August 1-7, 2007. (In Georgian).
Georgia Has a Classical Form of Dutch Disease - Interview to the "Georgian Business Week," July 2, Issue 26 (134), 2007.
Certain Objects should not be Privatized for National Security Reasons - Interview to the "InterPressNews," June 29, 2007. (In Georgian).
"Chem dal'she, tem slozhnee budet Azerbaidzhanu vstupit' v WTO"- Interview to "The First News," June 27, 2007. (In Russian).
Dr. Vladimer Papava join the CASE (Center for Social and Economic Research) Advisory Council (Warsaw, Poland).
Will Dubai Build up in Poti, and for whom will be Established Free Economic Zone in Georgia - Interview to the "Tbiliselebi," June 4, 2007. (In Georgian).
Government has Found a New Method how to Rob the Population - Interview to the "Akhali Taoba," June 1, 2007. (In Georgian).
MP Speaks Out Against Free Economic Zone - Interview, "Civil Georgia," May, 18, 2007.
The “Immortal” Idea of a Free Economic Zone - Expert Opinion, No.2. Tbilisi: GFSIS, 2007.
"Russia’s Illiberal “Liberal Empire”" - Project Syndicate, February, 2007.